Types of Hgh In Relation To Side Effects

HGH side effects depend upon the kind of HGH product that is being used. It is needle injectable HGH which has the greatest potential for serious HGH side effects. This is why needle injectable HGH requires a prescription in the United States and probably in every country. It is easy with needle injectable HGH for one on their own to administer too much. Over injection of HGH by athletes in extreme dosages has resulted in death by massive heart attacks and heart disease with much higher risk of diabetes and cancer. The two other kinds of HGH products are over-the-counter because they are very safe if they are indeed genuine HGH products. You have amino stacks also known as secretagogues. These are just a group of certain kinds of amino acids that are able to penetrate the blood brain barrier when taken an hour before or after eating. These in turn influence the pituitary gland which then releases HGH into the blood. The third kind of HGH product is homeopathic HGH. There is such a small amount of the HGH molecule in homeopathic HGH that it is barely detectable if detectable at all. hgh side effects before using hghProperties of the HGH molecule are somehow imparted to the other molecules which gives homeopathic HGH it's a powerful effect. There is no known case of anyone dying from taking homeopathic products in over 100 years because of the very small and barely detectable amounts that are in these products. One would think they would not work and yet there are many double-blind clinical trials that show they are very effective. In fact, homeopathic HGH in many double-blind placebo clinical trials shows and increase in insulin growth factor one (IGF-1) of around 161%.

Acromegaly HGH Side Effects

Acromegaly is a disease caused by a defective pituitary gland which causes the body to produce too much human growth hormone. You have examples of this in individuals such as Andre the Giant who played in the film, The Princes Bride. This man was 7 feet tall and weighed over 400 pounds extremely large hands and feet and superhuman strength and yet he died at age 46 because of the effects of too much HGH. It is athletes particularly in the past when there was less awareness and knowledge of the consequences of administering too much HGH that have suffered acromegaly like side effects. Some of these side effects are the overgrowth of bone causing bulging forehands and bulbous noses. Over dosage in the extreme of needle injected HGH can lead to a massive heart attack and death and also heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.hgh side effects after using hgh

Hgh Cancer Side Effects

There are those in the media and M.D's that site certain clinical trials that indicate an increased risk of cancer by using HGH products. It is unfortunate that these people have not done their homework or have other more sinister motives. It should be no surprise the large anti-aging organizations that now have educated many many thousands of medical doctors such as the American Academy Of Antiaging Medicine which advocate the use of HGH therapy are a potent threat to large pharmaceutical companies. These companies prefer us to be eased into premature death through the use of a plethora of medical drugs that will reap them large profits. The fact is that there are very large clinical trials that clearly show the HGH therapy actually significantly reduced the risk of cancer. This should be no suprise since it is a known fact that HGH therapy significantly strengthens the immune system which obviously would then fight off cancer and reduce the risk of cancer. The evidence of clinical trials that these critics of HGH therapy use have been shown to be partial and skewed and the ones that I have read. These people do have grounds for citing the risk of cancer in relation to needle injected HGH which is abused with large overdoses but have no grounds to come down with warnings against the very safe homeopathic and secretagogue HGH products. You can see examples of these trials for and against cancer by clicking the link, HGH and Cancer.

Hgh Healing Reaction Side Effects

HGH causes an healing process and the body which in some people can cause reactions such as the stronger heartbeat, headache or an upset stomach. This temporarily ceased to take the HGH product such as just taking it every second day or diluting it somehow. Others may feel aches and pains where they once had with injuries. This is because the HGH is causing energy in that area where it was previously blocked. This is also known as “retracing” or “aggravation.” Again, just back off on the amount of HGH you are using and gradually increase the until your body gets used to the new energy in the injured area. Other people may experience some detoxification HGH side effects are temporary period of tiredness. This is because products such as homeopathic HGH are very effective at encouraging the body to heal itself without artificially suppressing symptoms. If you drink more liquid these side effects should disappear or you may need to hold off taking the product for a few days until the side effects disappear.

Hgh Hyperthyroidism Side Effects

It is known that HGH therapy increases the metabolism which means that those with hyperthyroidism who already have and the normally high metabolism may worsen their condition. Over time HGH therapy should improve this condition as it brings greater balance in relation to other hormones. Those with hyperthyroidism should consult their doctor to see if they need to decrease their thyroid medication. Do not stop or decrease your medication or hyperthyroidism unless your personal doctor orders it.

Hgh Alcohol Sensitive Side Effects

There may be a few individuals that are very sensitive to alcohol which one you have to HGH contains. If you get irritation from spraying homeopathic HGH under your tongue is easy to place a dose of two sprays in about 3 ounces of warm but not hot water. Wait for one minute and all the alcohol should be evaporated and then you can place it under the tongue. If you do not like to do this you can also apply homeopathic HGH on the under sides of the wrists, face, stomach, or chest.